Boston FIG

On September 14th, I will be attending Boston FIG – the “Festival of Indie Games” – with my friend Caleb Garner of Part12 Studios. It’s going to be a fantastic event for any and all who enjoy games on all levels (casual gamer up through the serious ones). the event is held on the MIT campus in Cambridge, MA. The links for the event and for Part12 Studios are below. Come check it out! It’s free to attend and it’s a good time!


Boston FIG:

Part12 Studios:

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“Oh yeah? Watch THIS!”

Well… Here we are. After butting heads with the trends in technology (and, quite simply, overlooking things like having a blog), I have set up this: my own WordPress blog! Now, I finally have more of a means of showing you guys out there what I am up to, but also a way of tracking my progress… Beyond rifling through past backups on my external hard drive. I will be updating with new finished pieces (as well as sketches), projects I’m involved in, and events I’ll be attending pretty frequently. 


So – Hello to anyone and everyone out there. This thing is about to take off!

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